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The library and information science department was established in 2010 with the unification of the Incheon University campus. In the library and information science department, students learn the method of extracting from an overwhelming amount of information and knowledge the most vital points, and systematically and conveniently organizing that information for use. To this end, library and information science incorporates several related fields of study, including traditional library science, computer science, and new information science. Through completion of required curriculum studies, such as data organization, library management, information science, information services, and bibliography science, students acquire the necessary knowledge and techniques to engage in library science or information science-related business. After graduation, students may enter employment in national or public libraries, university libraries, elementary or secondary school libraries, various industrial research centers, media agencies, information technology offices, or DB development-related fields at an advanced professional level.


The goal of library and information science is to gain the understanding and ability to apply the scientific method and theory behind data collection, accumulation, organization, and distribution, particularly through the study of traditional data handling methods and computer science. This subject focuses on the study of theory and practical ability behind the selection, organization, storage, and supply, and overall management of various information and data. Furthermore, in the face of the rapidly developing information age, computational information management skills, applied information network education, automated library education, and on-site library education is also emphasized.


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NamePositionAcademic AreaE-mail
Chung, Ok-Kyung ProfessorKnowledge organization okchung@inu.ac.kr
Oh, Yong-Seob ProfessorBibliographykuki@inu.ac.kr
Cho, Jae-In Assistant ProfessorInformation sciencechojane@inu.ac.kr
Lee, Mun-Hag Assistant ProfessorPublishing sciencemocja@inu.ac.kr
Wang, Lin Assistant ProfessorHuman Computer Interactionwanglin @inu.ac.kr
Park, Jong-Do Assistant ProfessorInformation sciencejdp23@inu.ac.kr


Prof. Park, Jong-Do (Department Chair)
Phone: +82-32-835-8092, Fax: +82-32-835-0749
E-mail: jdp23@inu.ac.kr
Address: Rm. 218, Building 27, Incheon National University, 119 Academy-ro, Yonsu-gu, 22012, Incheon, Korea