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French Language and Literature

About Us

Our department offers a diverse array of courses in French Literature, Linguistics, Regional Study and Applied Linguistics (French Language Education) in M.A. and Ph.D. programs, which will help graduates to succeed in today’s academia as well as in a variety of professional goals.

Education Goals

The primary goal of our education is to help students develop critical thinking skills and in-depth knowledge of the language, literature, and culture of the French speaking world.


3. 교수 명단
NameTellNumberAcademic AreaE-mail / Phone
Kim, Yong-Min ProfessorFrench Poetryyong@inu.ac.kr/+82-32-835-8144
Lee, Yong-Seog ProfessorModern French Literature
French Absurd Drama
Park, Jung-Joon Associate Professor Semantics parkjungjoon@inu.ac.kr/+82-32-835-8146
Oh, Eun-Ha Assistant ProfessorModern French Literature French Noveleunhaoh@inu.ac.kr/+82-32-835-8145
Han, Sang-Jung Assistant ProfessorComic Theory Theory of Cultural Contents hsj870@gmail.com/+82-32-835-8143
Lee, Hyunjoo Assistant Professorlexicologyhjlee3@inu.ac.kr/+82-32-835-8142


(1) M.A. candidates and Ph.D. candidates are required to submit dissertation in consultation with their faculty advisors.
(2) M.A. students must declare their majors and select faculty advisors by the end of the second semester.
(3) Upon completion of required coursework, students are required to obtain the approval of their faculty advisors to take
   the Candidacy Exam.
(4) A minimum total of 24 credit hours will be required to earn an M.A. degree. Students who enter with an M.A. from
  another program or another institution will typically transfer 6 credit hours, which means they will need to
  earn a minimum of additional 18 credit hours for the M.A. in our program.
A minimum total of 36 credit hours willbe required to earn a Ph.D. degree. Students who enter with an M.A. from another program
   or another institution will
   typically transfer 9 credit hours, which means they will need to earn a minimum of 27 credit hours for the Ph.D.
  in our program.
(5) Students who enter without a B.A. in French Language and Literature or its equivalent are typically required to take
  undergraduate courses as prerequisites. These courses will be selected by the department.
(6) The Candidacy Exam must be taken in two different fields of study.