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19.08.13 17:33:04
제목 : 2019 Fall - Korean Language Course
<Only for Undergraduate students>   

In order to take Korean courses for Fall 2019, new students have to take survey/level test.
Students who don't want to take korean language courses don't need to take the test.
(Students from Spring 2019 don't have have to attend the test or survey.)
Level test schedule will be noticed later.

* Students from Spring 2019

For students from Spring 2019, please refer to the attached file and register Korean courses.

If you want to change your level, please contact me : / 032-835-9573
* Graduate students cannot take Korean courses since it is opened in undergraduate level.
Instead, we offer the non-credit recognized korean language courses.
The information and application notice will be uploaded on September.
첨부파일 첨부파일 (파일 명이 길 경우 브라우저 특성상 파일명이 잘릴 수 있습니다.)

Korean level list for 2019 Spring students.xlsx

2019 Fall - Korean Language Course List.pdf

다음글 2019 Fall - Course Registration for graduates (2019.08.16)
이전글 2019 Fall - Course Registration