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19.05.14 15:18:10
제목 : 2019 Spring - Korean Language Courses
In order to take Korean courses on Spring 2019, new students have to take survey/level test.
Students who don't want to take korean language courses don't need to take the test.
(Students from fall 2018 don't have have to attend the test or survey.)
* Schedule
 1) Survey - for Beginners(learn Korean for the first time) : 3/6(Wed) 13:00 Building No.15 Room 120
 2) Level test - for students who have learned Korean before : 3/5(Tue) 10:00 Building No.15 Room 115

* Students from fall 2018

For students from fall 2018, please refer to the attached file and register Korean courses.
* Students from fall 2018 have to follow the level written in the attached file.
ex) Students assigned in Level 3 cannot take Level 4 courses.
* Graduate students cannot take Korean courses since it is opened in undergraduate level.
Instead, we offer the non-credit recognized korean language courses.
The information and application notice will be uploaded on March.
첨부파일 첨부파일 (파일 명이 길 경우 브라우저 특성상 파일명이 잘릴 수 있습니다.)

2018-2-기존-교환학생-레벨-리스트 (3).pdf

다음글 2019 Spring - Course Registration Information
이전글 2019 Spring - Korean Language Supplementary Course (non-credit)