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19.05.14 15:12:15
제목 : 2019 Spring - Korean Language Supplementary Course (non-credit)
* This is different courses with the 'Korean Language Courses' we noticed before.
Office of the International Affairs offers 'Supplementary Korean Courses (non-credit course). The course will begin from the April, 1st. In order to participate in the course, please confirm that the following contents and apply before the deadline.


 1. Supplementary Course overview

○ Period of education : 2019.4.1(Mon.) ~ 6.7(Fri.), Total 10 weeks

○ Class hours : 2 Days in a Weekday(Mon.~Fri.), 18:10~20:00

○ Place : BD No. 15 (Predicted)

○ Cost : Free (Except Textbook)

○ Participants : Foreign undergraduate and graduate students (Korean beginner ~ intermediate)

○ Number of participants : Each class 15, Total 45 for 3 classes

* Dates and Place could be changed


2. Application method

○ Deadline : 2019.03.22.(Fri.) 18:00

○ Necessary documents : Korean class participation application

○ Place to submit : Office of International Affairs (BD No. 1, Room No. 105)


3. Notice

○ Applications must be submitted directly within the application deadline, and Internet applications are not accepted.

○ All students who apply will be assessed through a level test, and if not, the application will be canceled.

(※ level test 19.4.1(Mon.) 18:10/ BD No.15 /Room No.218)

○ If there is a large number of applicants, it could be adjusted based on the results of the level test , however the course mainly run for beginners.


4. Contact

○ Contact No. : 032-835-9573 (Office) 
첨부파일 첨부파일 (파일 명이 길 경우 브라우저 특성상 파일명이 잘릴 수 있습니다.)


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