'Hic et Nunc!' Music Festival

The first concert of INU's Incheon Music festival was July 1st. The theme of the concert was "Hic et Nunc," which means 'here and now' in Latin. It is a proverb from French writer Balzac. It was a night of celebration, filled with performances from globally renowned artists.

The Sejong Soloists, with Incheon National University, organized the event. The Sejong Soloists is a string orchestra that the Juilliard School and Yale School of Music professor Kang Hyo established in 1994. Kang Hyo is the festival's artistic adviser, utilizing seven years' experience as artistic adviser to the PyeongChang music festival. Kang Kyung-won, general manager of the Sejong Soloists, is the festival director. The event began with with a discussion between Robert Blocker, dean of the Yale School of Music, and President Cho Dong-sung of Incheon National University on the topic "Music and Leadership."

The opening concert was performed by nine musicians, including actor Yoon Suk-hwa, and Shin Soo-jung, dean of Seoul National University's music school. The festival also included program on July 2 for children and July 5-6 for the Incheon city hall and the Incheon metropolitan police agency. On July 4, the organization hosted a concert titled "Professor and the Young Virtuoso" at the Tri-bowl in Songdo and on July 7 at the Elim Art Center in Cheongra. Julliard School professor David Chan, who is also concertmaster of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, performed.

Starting next year, the festival will invite renowned musicians to become artists-in-residence to organize new programs. German composer, conductor and clarinetist Jorg Widmann has been named the first artist-in-residence.