Students from Department of Computer Science and Engineering wrote SCI-level Paper

Research Report 'Determination of Lying Posture Recognition of Multi-tier Body Parts' is issued in SCI-level journal pages. The research is done by that INU students from Department of Computer Science and Engineering (Tae-Hwan Kim, Soon-ju Kwon, Hyun-Min Choi, and Youn-sik Hong) who started their research from the classroom, during the capstone design class. This research aims to solve the problems of aged people's bedsores or falling accidents. 

The paper suggested a lying posture discrimination algorithm, to effectively monitor and analyze the behavior of a person lying in bed. The research team figured out that there is a correlation between pressure distribution and lying posture. According to the research team, the results of this study can be applied to the monitoring of sleep posture and can also be used as an aid to prevent fall accidents and the occurrence of pressure ulcers of elderly patients who are unable to move.

This result is more renowned as participated students are all undergraduate students, who were taking capstone class from Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The creative curriculum played the major role in this paper.

This paper is issued online in 'Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing', the information technology journal.