INU held the 1st Fair Event for Career Exploration and Major Selection

On 5th April, the first School Fair for Career Exploration and Major Selection was held in the great attention. The event was planned to attract a lot of foreign students, and about 2,000 foreign visitors participated as a result. 
 The event was jointly organized by INU International Service Center (ISC) and Global Language Institute (GLI). All of the 46 departments participated the event, to promote their major and curriculums. 

The statistics show how the event was successful. 2,000 student participants of our events included about 1700 foreign students that are currently attending Korean Language School in INU and about 300 exchange students in Seoul-Incheon Area. Each students had an opportunity to visit the departments and gain the related information. 

Nguyen Tuyen (20, Vietnamese), was excited about being the part of the event, “I could get important and necessary information very easily at the booth of each majors, and professors, and teaching assistants were very kind. It was very helpful event.”

  Gilwon-Kim (Director of Admissions Office), who organized and supervised the event, explained the event, “The admissions fair is entirely prepared for foreign students to help their major selection in the future.”

President Dong-sung Cho showed a strong insist toward the festival, “The trial to attract more foreign students from various countries, more than UN registered nations, is my goal. To aim that, I will happily continue holding this school fair.”

INU International Service Center has been favorably commented upon by regularly holding admission fair toward international students in the Korean Language School.