• Undergraduate Tuition Fee
  • Graduate Tuition Fee
  • What the Tuition Fee Covers
  • Scholarships
  • Graduate Assistantships
  • Tuition Payment
  • Cost of Living

Tuition for Undergraduate Program

Don't worry about the cost of tuition, almost all international students like you will receive a needs-based scholarship that covers most or your entire tuition bill.
The tuition, fees, and charges posted below are annual estimates per semester (Fall and Spring) based on the latest approved amounts for international undergraduate students. The fees listed below are the base amounts you will pay to attend INU without any scholarship adjustments. For now, the Korean Trade & Commerce (SONAS, School of Northeast Asian Studies) and Public Administration are the programs fully offered in English-language instruction. INU's other 63 majors are primarily delivered in Korean-language, but some have English tracks.
Field Tuition (KRW) Scholarships (KRW)
Humanities, Social Sciences, Math, Urban Policy and Administration 2,557,000 Details
Natural Science / Physical Education 2,871,000
Engineering/ Arts 3,217,000
(English Track) Korean Trade & Commerce Public Administration 2,823,000

Graduate Tutition, Fall 2019

Most graduate students are eligible for an assistantship to cover most or all of their tuition bill.
The tuition, fees and charges posted below are annual estimates per semester (Fall and Spring). They are the latest approved amounts for international graduate students, but they are not final and may change.
Field Degree Entrance
Fee (KRW)
Fee (KRW)
Scholarship (KRW)
Humanities & Social Sciences M.A. 485,000 9,036,000 50~100%
Tuition Waiver
Ph.D. 485,000 9,618,000
Life Science, Arts & Physical Education M.A. 485,000 10,525,000
Ph.D. 485,000 11,096,000
Engineering M.A. 485,000 11,940,000
Ph.D. 485,000 12,098,000

Graduate students applying for M.S./Ph.D. joint concurrent programs will pay the same tuition fees as the master program for the initial three semesters and same as the Ph.D. program for remaining 5 semesters.

What Your Tuition Fees Do and Don't Cover

Your tuition fee covers all the things that INU should reasonably provide to enable you to complete your degree.
What's Covered
  • Lectures, seminars and tutoring
  • Advising and support services
  • Access to classrooms and study areas
  • Use of recreational facilities
  • Library and computer labs
  • Registration and admin services.
What's NOT Covered
  • Health insurance (students should join Korea's NHIS or bring their own insurance)
  • Room and board (students can stay in the INU dormitories for an additional fee)
  • Meals (INU offers students low-cost meal options across campus)
  • Books
  • Course specific materials and equipment
  • Printing and copies
  • Field trips
  • Transportation
  • Internships and work experience
  • Living costs
  • Travel and relocation
  • Membership dues for student clubs and sports
  • Almost everything else

Graduate Assistantships

There are two types of assistantships for graduate students that will waive part or all of their tuition fee.

○ Special Scholarship for International Students

New graduate students who demonstrate the language proficiency test scores listed below are eligible for a 85% tuition waiver.
  • TOEIC 800, TOEFL(CBT 230, iBT 88), TEPS 725, IELTS 6.5, TOPIK level 6 or higher OR-Certified degree from an accredited university in an English speaking country (U.S.A., Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand) with GPA of 3.0 for applicants to the master’s degree program and a GPA of 3.5 for applicants to the doctoral degree program (on a 4.5 scale)

After completing at least one semester, continuing graduate students are awarded tuition waivers based on GPA:

  • GPA of 3.75 or higher out of 4.5 = 85% tuition waiver
  • GPA of 3.5 to 3.74 out of 4.5 = 60% tuition waiver
  • GPA of 3.0 to 3.49 out of 4.5 = 50% tuition waiver

Conditions: Graduate students who accept a tuition waiver are expected to work less than 20 hours per week as assigned by the admitting department. They will submit a research activity report at the end of each semester. Graduate students who fail to submit their research activity report prior to the beginning of the next semester will lose their tuition waiver for the next semester.

○ Full Scholarship for International Students

New graduate students who are recommended by one of INU professors as a full scholarship are eligible for a full tuition waiver within his/her course work.

Conditions: Graduate students who accept a tuition waiver are expected to work less than 20 hours per week as assigned by the admitting department. They will submit a research activity report at the end of each semester. Graduate students must maintain GPA 3.5 or higher and submit published research results as specified by Graduate School Committee within one year after completing course work.

How To Pay Your Tuition

Tuition is paid when you register for classes during the week before each semester by logging into the INU Portal. Once you are logged in, the first step is to register for classes and then print out your tuition invoice. Afterwards, payments can be made by: 1) Internet banking, 2) Tele-banking, 3) Phone banking, 4) Money Transfer or 5) ATMs. Credit cards are not accepted.
For more detailed instructions, please visit the International Service Center website or contact:
Portal Questions 032-835-8888
Tuition Questions 032-835-9390
Scholarships and Student Loans Questions 032-835-9260

Cost of Living

Budgeting for living costs is an important part of planning for university life. The cost of living can vary greatly depending on your lifestyle, budget and spending habits. You can calculate your estimated budget based on how long you will be in Incheon. These costs do not include tuition fees or travel and some students may need to pay additional course costs.
Expenses Estimated Costs Notes
Campus Housing $200 to $250 a month Depending on the type room. Apartments off campus start at $600 per month, but most apartments will require a large deposit.
Food Expenses $300+ per  month Campus student cafeteria meals average $3 each.
Transportation $40+ per month Public bus transportation for single one-way fare is $1.00.
Health Insurance $130 per year This premium is for the insurance program offered by the university.
Personal Expenses $20+ per month Includes clothing, laundry, toiletries, haircuts, etc.
Books and Supplies $200+ per semester Costs for books may vary greatly as some faculty may not require books.
Cell Phone $60+ per month It's a good idea to get a cell phone plan while in Korea.
Miscellaneous You may want to consider other costs like clothing, entertainment, travelling, childcare, bedding, furniture, etc.