Time for the Future! Create Space for the Future!

For Incheon National University (INU), the past is a stepping stone for a promising future. For INU, Korea is not big enough. For INU’s accelerated development, we should not only aim to rank higher in university rankings in Korea, but to aim to enter the world’s top 100 university rankings. INU should find out which university we may follow as model. Thus, once we are competing with Asia’s top universities, we may be chosen as the top ranking university representing Korea.

To do so, instead of conducting all fields of study, we plan to select only five fields of specialization and support these extensively. We must develop integrated, complex and creative talents that are verbally adept. They must be developed based on the demands of society and corporations, and introduce a matrix educational system. The objective is to exceed Korea’s standard when evaluated internationally. All official documents should be in English and Chinese. MOU s for educational and research exchange with about 200 universities around the globe will be negotiated. Moreover, we will provide education that targets young talents in their 20s and develop a customized educational system that may benefit all generations in fulfilling the needs of employees in their 40s and possible reentry to the employment system in their 60s.

Time for the future, create space for the future. It is not a false hope. It is possible now. Our promising future is right in front of our eyes. Like those young Romans who have advanced on the world through 2000 years of wars, like those young Britons who have advanced on the world through colonization 200 years ago, let’s give young Koreans living in this 21st century a chance to advance on the world through education, volunteering, and sharing. In America, Stanford University is competing against Harvard; in England, Cambridge is competing against Oxford; in Japan, Kyoto University competing with Tokyo University; and in China, National Tsing Hua University is competing with Peking University. We should also have the competitive spirit aiming for Korea’s top university ranking and advancement in the world.

The university leading in the world’s change!! That great name is, us, Incheon National University.



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