• How to Register
  • Before Registering
  • Access Periods
  • After Registering

Registering for Classes

You can register for classes using the INU Portal during the scheduled access periods.

Before you can register for classes, you need to apply and be enrolled at INU. It is your responsibility to register for courses during your access period. Please note that the access period is different for continuing and new students. The INU Portal is only in Korean language, so you may need to ask for help. During the first two-days of your access period you can only add courses to your "basket" in preparation for actual registration when you will need to login again to manually submit your selected classes. Classes are filled on a first-come first-serve basis. So, register early to get the classes you want. If cannot register for a course because it is full, you need to contact the department office for that specific course.

Get Ready

Review the course catalog.

Before registering, obtain the course catalog from your department and review the course descriptions.

Meet with your advisor.

Consult with your advising professor to map out your plan of study.

Understand the curriculum.

Refresh your memory about the graduation requirements and policies before registering. You can find this information on the International Service Center website.

When You Can Register

Continuing Students

For continuing students the registration access period is two weeks before the start of every semester.

New Students

For new students, the registration access period is one week before the start of each semester.

Confirm your access period.

For a the exact dates, check the Academic Calendar. You should confirm your specific registration access period with your department and/or Admissions.


Please remember that the courses you add to your "basket" during per-registration must be selected again and submitted to finalize your registration.

After You Register

Pay your bill.

The most important thing to do the day after you register is to login again and pay your bill if you have not done so already.

Confirm your schedule.

Once you register, confirm your registered courses with your department. You will receive a printed record of your registration that you should retain until the end of the semester.

Drop / Add

Typically, the drop/add period for courses in only the first week of the semester, but you can check the Academic Calendar for the specific dates.

Stay on track.

Keep an eye on your plan of study and your grades, check your progress with your academic advisor, and take advantage of campus services.

If you need to temporarily leave or withdraw.

You must seek approval from INU to take a leave of absence or withdraw permanently. If necessary, you can do this by following the steps provided on the International Service Center website.